SCUBA training is through Professional Association of Diving Instructors or PADI.  There are two common ways to conduct the academic portion. The first option is by Crew Pack. This pack includes a multi media DVD, student folder, log book and dive table.  Your training is self-paced and when you have completed it we proctor the final exam.  The second option is to enroll in PADI’s online open water course. To learn more, visit their website at and look for online registration. This too is self-paced. When completed, print the certification of completion and bring it in to our shop. 

Next we move on to the pool modules which are conducted at the YMCA downtown in their heated and covered pool. The tasks performed in the pool are the same as viewed in the training material.  Each student performs at different levels and achieves mastery of the skills differently. Our instructor understands this and encourages students to push past their anxiety. 

The cost of pool training is $125.00 per student for instruction which includes use of tanks and air, BCD, and regulators.  If you don’t purchase the core equipment (mask, snorkel, and fins) there is equipment available to use, just don’t complain about them!  There is also a fee for the use of the pool at $40.00 an hour per class and a class will run about 8 hours.

When each student has achieved  mastery we move on to the next one. Once past the pool modules we move onto the open water check dive.  This dive is repetitive of the pool sessions with a little fun mixed in. The check out dives are normally done in Beaver Lake Arkansas and are conducted over two days.   Cost for the check out are $200.00 per student and again covers the use of equipment as well as the certification ID card or PIC card.  We highly encourage the student to stay with one instructor throughout their training process, however if the student so desires a referral may be made on behalf of the student and the check out dive may be made at any PADI center of their choosing.